Saturday, May 11, 2019

Spring Tulips

One of the many things I look forward to in spring are the tulips.  They are beautiful – regal, having a sort of dignified formality.  They’re a confident flower, withstanding the harsh elements with ease, or so it appears, especially the rain.  What I like most are the many shapes, sizes and colors.  There is never a bad one in the bunch. A happy weekend, to all.  Cheers! – paerki

What would life be like without memories? It’s fair to say, there would be no life at all. Memory is our communication, reason, coherence, our action and more importantly, our feeling. Memories create our path in life, developing our psychology and leading us emotionally.

One of the best ways to create and store memories is with video. These simple effortless little snippets of time create diaries and become perpetual time capsules, which justify our walk on earth, telling all with great enthusiasm… I was here! I mattered! I lived! Please, don’t forget me.

Share your views, thoughts and opinions in the written word. Snap photographs so your eyes can travel back in time, remembering the happy and sad moments that made you the person you were, are and became in life. But, whenever possible, capture video to enhance the memories you leave behind, so that others may pass the essence of your life on to future generations. – paerki

Tea On The Fire Escape

Cathedral Church of St. John The Divine: Some of the most resplendent art you’ll ever see is outdoors, and all you have to do is look up! Stop what you're doing, look up and be mesmerized... Continue Reading

Spider Man

Halloween 2017: Decisions... Excel Spreadsheet... Guest List... Meetings... Shopping... Pumpkins... Bats... Fabric... Stencils... Thrift Stores... Painting... Twigs... Decorating... Last Minute... Food... Alcohol... Continue Reading

Afternoon Tea

World Gay Pride (NYC): The journey to self-expression is the most important journey we can take. We are all full of thoughts, feelings and expressions. Speak your truth... Continue Reading

Be Love

Winter 2017: Winter is now just a memory. As always, look back to move forward. Focus on those things that bring you joy and build your life around them, which is guaranteed to move you onward in a happier... Continue Reading

Druid Hill Park

Elephant Sculptures: The next time you visit The Maryland Zoo, Howard Peters Rawlings Conservatory & Botanic Gardens or Druid Hill Park, be on the lookout for colorful Elephant Sculptures on Auchentoroly... Continue Reading

Cocktails With Friends

Introspection: I want to remember this time in my life most of all. I want to cherish my wit, maturity, but more than anything I want to remember this body and mind before it changes. I want to look back and... Continue Reading

Red Door

A Walk In The Rain: It was nice walking in the rain, hanging out under large, lush tree branches for protection, while listening to the raindrops lifting off one leaf, only to land on another and another. The stream... Continue Reading

Tulip Season

Peace: The people of the world prefer peace to war, and they deserve to have it... Yes? Humanity suffers greatly with every act of senseless brutality. Prayers, peace and love for those mentally, physically... Continue Reading

Stony Run Trail Mural

The Perfect Evening: Art, food, wine and friends... The perfect evening! ReNew Botanicals hosted its fourth art reception on Friday night, November 15, 2013, and it was quite lovely. Thank you, Karen Klinedinst for... Continue Reading

Monarch Butterflies

Ten Monarch Butterflies: Tuesday's visit to the Oregon Ridge Nature Center and a hike on one of the trails at the Gunpowder Falls State Park proved most enjoyable. Very seldom do I see more than two monarch butterflies... Continue Reading

Working From Home

Pennsylvania: From Maryland to Pennsylvania, my outdoor time was serenely beautiful, and the drive in the car, picturesque. It was time well spent. Until next time, find your own joy, dear friends and... Continue Reading

Wheat Field

Love Yourself: My intentions are not to offend anyone. If you find yourself between the lines of my comments, rants and blog posts, know I am rarely singling out anyone, and that it's unconscious. I don't have friends in... Continue Reading

Mother And Child

An Impromptu Viewing: I happened to be walking through the Johns Hopkins University Homewood campus when I saw artwork in the window of one of the buildings that make up the Mattin Center, which is... Continue Reading

Herons On The Jones Falls Trail

Enjoy Life: Another year, another garden walk, and for me it keeps getting better and better. Each garden has its unique charm and character, and all are remarkably beautiful. The Charles Village Garden Walk... Continue Reading

Peabody Conservatory

The Water's Edge: It was a gorgeous day! Thursday's weather was perfect - sunny, blue sky and cool, with intermittent breezes. I spent the late afternoon walking the Stony Run. The ground was muddy from... Continue Reading

Play In The Dirt

It's that time of year again, rolling up my sleeves to play in the dirt. For a gardener, winter seems like an eternity, but spring is here, and I'm ready, as the photos in this post prove. As much as I would love to own a farm... Continue Reading

Mind Over Matter

Hundreds of different viruses can cause something so insidious, irritating and easy to catch, the common cold. I was out and about on Friday feeling fine, enjoying my evening with friends, but by Saturday morning I... Continue Reading


Yesterday, a celebratory time demanding the use of imposing quotes, and there were a multitude. Those shared were purposeful, poignant and passionate. The writer's message was clear, concise. I wonder if... Continue Reading

Caught In The Act

On Saturday, I was hiking through the city and discovered a new mural in Charles Village. It wasn't completed, and I was hopeful I could catch the artist in action. On Monday, I was running errands, turning part of... Continue Reading

Mind Body Green

To the haters, I feel so sad for you – mournful for your lack of empathy and understanding. No one is shoving anything down your throat. This is reality. What's wrong with this photo? This is life! For every photo... Continue Reading

Preserve Your Happiness

This is for you, because you need to hear these words again. Live life happy. Find your joy. Now more than ever, it’s time for people to reconnect with their inner self. Find your happy place, rejuvenating the total... Continue Reading

Fill Your Life With Beautiful Music

Yesterday - wet, warm and dismal. The sky was dark, and everything seemed gray and lifeless. I was prepared to stay home because I had enough to keep me occupied, but felt like I was being pulled in... Continue Reading

Tell Your Story

It's National Coming Out Day! We all have a story to tell. People are listening, now more than ever. Be brave! Tell your story and become stronger. I had written the following a few years ago, and... Continue Reading

Expressions Of Hope

It's hard to believe the season of holidays is back in my heart and ready to be explored with a thoughtful mind. It's during this period when I think about age and time, and how quickly it passes before... Continue Reading

Margaret's Garden

I believe whatever is meant to be will be, trusting that things happen for a reason. I wasn't always a believer, but more of a skeptic. That has changed over time. I hear so many saying, "I wish I could go back and... Continue Reading


What do you see? This photograph proves a picture is worth a thousand words, and maybe more. Recently, I was visiting the District of Columbia. I was walking out of the train station when my eyes became quickly... Continue Reading

He Is Love

To young to die: There's so much to say about you, my dear sweet funny friend. Often misunderstood by the masses, but to me you were an open book. Maybe that's because I took the time to read between the... Continue Reading

We All Wear Masks

I've never been a fan of clowns, even though I was often the class clown in grade school and have even dressed up as one on Halloween, but only on a few occasions. I'm sure film and television have ruined what I... Continue Reading

I'll Think Of You

The loss of a friendship, I had forgotten how emotional it can be, but then this wasn't your average friendship. No, nothing average here. Perhaps in some strange cosmic way, I needed this reminder. I needed to... Continue Reading

Quality vs. Quantity

Sadly, we live in an age where quantity matters more than quality. Should it not be the other way around? There is so much influence from magazines, television (especially commercials) and friends that shape our perspective... Continue Reading

Lunch At The Cemetery

Today I had lunch with a few governors, mayors, senators, philanthropists, business leaders, physicians, military leaders, poets, sculptors, lawyers, a judge, a circus performer, a church leader and an actor turned assassin... Continue Reading

What's Important In Your Life?

As Mr. Roger's would say, "It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood," and it was, especially yesterday. I was walking to a friend's home (who just happens to live in the same community as me, the delightful... Continue Reading

Substance Is Sustenance

What can I say? I love substance in conversation and don't get nearly as much as I would like. As my closest friends will attest, I love the carefully orchestrated gift of banter between people (especially two) who... Continue Reading

A Walk To Unwind

Walking, strolling, sauntering, meandering, wandering, running, hiking, backpacking... Just do it! No matter the season, live life outdoors. Find joy, peace and serenity, and perhaps yourself. Continue to enjoy... Continue Reading

Extraordinary Women

I had never been strong enough to write the following, but today I am. Don't judge me for what you may not understand. If you get anything from this, love your children unconditionally, without judgement or pretense... Continue Reading

WTF Baltimore

I very seldom watch television, and lately I've been avoiding the news (a recent decision). I still consider myself informed because I read snippets of news online and peruse the occasional magazine. I choose not to get... Continue Reading

Let's Work Together

Tuesday, August 3rd was National Night Out. For those who don't know, this annual event is about crime and drug prevention in neighborhoods. The goals are simple, which are to heighten crime and... Continue Reading

Ghostly Reminders

There is so much we miss when we drive in a car. Yes, we need to get from point A to point B. Sometimes it's important to get out at either end to investigate. There are always new discoveries to be made... Continue Reading

Diversity Shall Claim Us All

I'm a big fan when it comes to the outdoors, especially when I travel. One of my favorite activities to do when I'm away is enjoy a bit of sightseeing, and what better way than with a walking tour... Continue Reading

Allow A Book To Help

Today I am filled with dread, after tossing and turning the night before (lying in bed eight hours, but only sleeping two). My thoughts many, one after the other falling on my mind like a ton of bricks. I envisioned what I might... Continue Reading

Quiet Company

Yesterday, I spent the late afternoon visiting a friend who's a bit under the weather. Not always, but on occasion when I'm feeling less than myself, it's nice when someone calls to check in or stops by (hopefully never... Continue Reading

Where Are You?

We used to stereotype women as going gaga for love, but much has changed. Men are now of the same mindset. Deep down inside we all look for love, hoping it will lead to a lifelong relationship... Continue Reading

A Prayer For Peace

When I take my early morning walk of meditation I often pass by the Cathedral of the Incarnation, one of the many beautiful churches in my neighborhood. I make it a point to always look up and read aloud the words on the... Continue Reading

The Perfect Day

It was a perfect autumn day. Is there such a thing? There was for me! Recently someone asked me, "How do you distinguish one beautiful day from the next, when the sky is blue, the sun is shining bright and the... Continue Reading

Gingerly Educate

Enough! I am sick and tired of the blame game. Take responsibility for your life, for your body. Stop blaming McDonald's for your poor choices and health challenges. As for McDonald's, there is a mandate... Continue Reading

Make A Wish! (Dandelion)

Do you remember wishing on a dandelion when you were a child? I sure do! In the late afternoon on Thursday, while walking on the trail close to my home, I saw a mother teaching her young son how to... Continue Reading

Spring's Demise

The summer solstice occurs at approximately 12:38 PM. I must admit I don't want spring to end, but as they say, "all good things must come to an end." Yes, I had a few complaints, especially when the forecast called for... Continue Reading

FlowerMart (2016)

Nothing says springtime in Baltimore like flowers, big hats and lemon sticks. There are many reasons to visit FlowerMart. Mine were simple, to meet old friends and purchase beautiful flowers for my garden... Continue Reading

Kirk Cameron

When I listen to Kirk Cameron, I hear my parents and various other family members speaking. These are the messages I heard throughout my childhood and young adult life. I have many happy moments from those... Continue Reading

Abell Community Street Fair

Baltimore is known for its festivals. There are many, and some share the same day causing competition and creating the difficult choice of which one to attend. Well, that didn't happen yesterday, and if it did I... Continue Reading

My New York

What can I say? New York never disappoints. I had a wonderful time! I love my seasonal trips to the city that never sleeps. I am already counting down the days to my next visit. My favorite time to visit New York is... Continue Reading

Daydreaming Of Spring

Photos and words of encouragement are the best possible means for helping others see what I see that is good, healthy and right with the world. Let's all put our best foot forward because you never know who is... Continue Reading

St. John's Chapel

I was at the right place, right time to tour The Colored Methodist Protestant St. John's Chapel of Baltimore County. It was a moving experience. Shawn, Thank you for opening the doors to history. It was... Continue Reading

Winter's Wide Open Spaces

Monday was an excellent day, full of the two things I crave most in life joy and laughter. What an adventure! Pursue a life of wide-open spaces and you'll never be disappointed. Learn to turn off the world a few times each ... Continue Reading

Orchid Room

I took my meditation indoors, just a bit. The Orchid Room at the Howard Peters Rawlings Conservatory & Botanic Gardens was quite lovely, especially on a cold... Continue Reading

Quality Time

This is one of the many ways I like to celebrate the holiday, and the impending season, winter. It's the gift I give to myself, spending quality time outdoors communing with nature. On occasion I invite a friend or... Continue Reading

"A" Is Overrated

Rarely am I duped, maybe only twice each year. Lucky for me it's only happened once in 2013, but the year is not over yet (holding my breath). After the irritation has worn off, which takes about 15 minutes (for me), you've... Continue Reading

A Wednesday Afternoon Drive

My time outdoors on Wednesday was beyond rewarding it was an awakening, reminding me to take part in a season filled with great joy, every chance I get. So, thank you, sweet friend, for a lovely afternoon: a country drive... Continue Reading


Is it too early to talk about leftovers? I hope you found time to meditate on your thanks. The legacy of memories we leave behind can be some of the sweetest rewards well that, and the fabulous leftovers. You do have... Continue Reading

It's All About Friendship

I've been very pleased with August's weather. More rain would have been nice, but beggars can't be choosy. Sunday's rainfall was intense. I'm forever intrigued when I see sun and rain together, mixed with heavy... Continue Reading

Daydreaming About Summer

Most of the milkweed has died and the butterflies, nearly gone. There were not as many monarchs this year. I was a little disappointed. Still, with their bright colors and delicate wings, butterflies are... Continue Reading

St. Michael's Catholic Church

The weekend has now faded into the past. This was one of its highlights. Art is to be found everywhere. When I look at these photos I think about all those involved with the creation of this magnificent structure... Continue Reading

I love photographs! They have this amazing ability to tell stories of fun places, special moments, memorable events, and exciting places. They give us reason to pause and remember friends, family, coworkers and so many others. One photograph can conjure up a flood of memories taking us on a journey. They help us remember the past, enjoy the present and ponder the future.

On a cold and rainy day I love sitting in my living room with a roaring fire, a glass of wine, classical music playing in the background and my many photographs scattered about me. I love sifting through what I call my special collection, which refers to my favorites. They remind me of the saddest and happiest moments of my life. They remind me of challenges and overcoming.

My large collection of images are a testament to a life lived. Life happens all around us so it’s important to collect special memories, and what better way than with a photograph. – paerki


Annapolis: Ruth Starr Rose: Revelations of African American Life in Maryland and the World. I stumbled across this exhibit while in Annapolis visiting Saint John's College. I knew nothing of Ruth Starr Rose, but find... Continue Reading

Fancy Dinner

Sammy (Pet Sitting): Sammy is the sweetest. He is what is right with the world. He is all about unconditional love. I do think his name should be changed. I would call him Happy. He is a happy soul with so much... Continue Reading

Walking Pastures

A Country Drive: Cherish opportunities with those that matter. As much as work and relationships take priority in your life, it's also important to... Continue Reading

Farmers' Market Goodies

Prettyboy Hiking Trail: Good Morning! There is so much beauty out there waiting to be discovered, and I hope those who read my words and view my photographs will take advantage of the one thing that has the power to... Continue Reading

One With Nature

Pamper Yourself: It's important to pamper yourself, now and again. A little bit of self-indulgence never hurt anyone. We spend so much time trying to stay ahead of the game, creating methods to keep ourselves... Continue Reading

Look Up!

Photos Tells A Story: Life happens all around us so it's important to collect special memories, and what better way than with a photograph. Find your joy. Just aim and snap... Continue Reading

Work Life

Spring Tulips: One of the many things I look forward to in spring are the tulips. They are beautiful – regal, having a sort of dignified formality. They’re a confident flower, withstanding the harsh elements with ease... Continue Reading

Mural In Charles Village

With Each Passing Day: Fall is getting better and better with each passing day. The temperatures during the sunlight hours are enough to bring anyone comfort and joy, and at nighttime, perfect sleeping weather. I'm... Continue Reading

Tulips At Sherwood Gardens

Earth Day: What does it mean to you? Of course people will be doing many things to honor our planet, like planting trees, but what does it really mean? It's time we all remember just how important it is, and that... Continue Reading

Cabbage Field

National Bird Day: Today is National Bird Day. Birds really are fun, and there is nothing like observing them in their natural habitat. There are over 800 species of birds in North America, and you're guaranteed to find... Continue Reading

Wyman Park Tulips

Lilypons Water Gardens: A Friday trip to Lilypons Water Gardens in Adamstown, Maryland with a friend proved most enjoyable. I was surprised by the vastness of it all, such artistry and elegance, too. I appreciated... Continue Reading


Sherwood Gardens (Spring 2013): A favorite quote by Michael Pollan, "The single greatest lesson the garden teaches is that our relationship to the planet need not be zero-sum, and that as long as the sun still shines and... Continue Reading

Life In Arizona

Gay Pride Musings: It's gay pride month, and as much as I welcome this special time to honor our legacy, while celebrating our community as a whole, we must never forget, gay pride is every day. The best way to show... Continue Reading

Messages On The Street

Art & Love: Another Wednesday, another concert. I am appreciating the concert series A Joyful Noise at Emmanuel Episcopal Church more and more. There are many extraordinary young artists to enjoy... Continue Reading

Preying Mantis

Bufano Sculpture Garden (JHU): Regardless of the medium or the occasional controversy, I love artists because they speak from a place so many dare to go, but often wish they could, diving deep into the subconscious.... Continue Reading

Saturday's Joy

Have you ever found yourself in a funk? Or feel as if a dark cloud is following you? It's so easy to fall into negative thought, and when you are there, it's sometimes even easier to pick out those things that are... Continue Reading

City Life (It’s Better Than You Think)

Yesterday, many were out enjoying what was a beautiful winter day. One couldn't have asked for better weather - a blue sky, 53 degrees and minimal wind. I decided to hike the Stony Run Trail in the late... Continue Reading

Wondered and Wandered

Yesterday was the day to be outdoors. Winter weather never felt so good (okay, that's a slight exaggeration, but you get my point - I hope!). It was sunny with minimal cloud cover, and the temperature reached 63 degrees... Continue Reading

My Gay Love

I can't begin to tell you how sad I am about the current situation with Chick-fil-A, and to think I ate there, and often. Live and learn. To see photos online of so many showing up at stores clinching their little chicken bags... Continue Reading

I Hope

It's purported that people, especially children and adolescents, use vandalism (graffiti) as a means to vent. I know in my area there are numerous art students who use it to make a name for themselves. All of this... Continue Reading

CityLit at the Library

The ninth annual CityLit Festival was held on April 14, 2012 at the Enoch Pratt Free Library (Central Branch). This was my third visit, however, in many ways I consider it my first. Prior to this year I had been... Continue Reading

Respecting Other People's Beliefs

I remember reading this, and it has stayed with me all day, in a positive way. I don't share her belief, but I'm happy for her and I can still celebrate in her joy. I wish all could do just that, respecting other... Continue Reading

A 'Seagull' Of Memories

When I see gulls (known to many as seagulls), I think of the shoreline. I have wonderful childhood memories of playing in the sand in Ocean City; building sand castles, and coming back later in the day to watch... Continue Reading

Do You Care America?

I appreciate an early morning run, that bit of solace before the day's interruptionsthe barrage of emails, phone calls, errands, etc. This particular Wednesday morning was special, which had me running past a wall of... Continue Reading

Ode To Father's Day

I had written this "Ode To Father's Day" last year. It's worth a repost. My perceptions, feelings have not changed. Fathers, love your sons unconditionally and with a whole heart. Be there, always! Happy... Continue Reading


Where do you find it? What do you do with it? How do you keep it alive, passing it along so that others may benefit from that which has brought you joy, thus making the road traveled just a little less... Continue Reading

City Life: Communities That Work

Well, mine does, and it works well. I live in the beautiful, quaint and social neighborhood of Tuscany-Canterbury. We are sandwiched between two other extraordinary Baltimore neighborhoods, Roland Park and... Continue Reading

I Love Artists

Friday, during my walk down to the Flower Mart I met this spirited artist. Her name I wish I could remember, but her beautiful aura has stayed we me. She's one of the many visionaries who are making great... Continue Reading


I was asked the following question by one of my Facebook friends... "I have to ask you this Paul, do you have a personal photographer who is with you constantly?" This question is worthy of a blog post, so here it goes... Continue Reading


Friends and I visited the Annmarie Sculpture Garden & Arts Center in scenic Solomons, Maryland where the Patuxent River meets the Chesapeake Bay. The sculpture garden was a real treat, which featured walking... Continue Reading

Tree Carving Sculptures

As Artist: Mark Action. Medium: Sculpting (tree carving with a chainsaw). Location: Druid Hill Park (near the Reservoir - Swan Drive, close to the Columbus statue). Awesome work, Mark! Thank you for enhancing the... Continue Reading

Yielding To Signs

Sunday was the perfect day to be outdoors. The sky was a bright baby blue and absolutely stunning to look at, especially when it became the backdrop for seagulls and blackbirds, effortlessly soaring and plummeting in... Continue Reading

Make-A-Wish (Fly / Drive)

It was a beautiful day for the 2nd Annual: Make-A-Wish, Fly-In / Drive-In event. It was a lovely afternoon. I am already looking forward to next year, and I will be sure to get there earlier. Thank you, Susan... Continue Reading

The Secret Life Of Trees

Trees are an amazing life force, speaking a language that is all their own. They shelter us from summer's heat with their welcoming shade. They dazzle us in the fall with color changes. When transitioning into... Continue Reading

Memories In The Making (Hanukkah)

The past few days have been pure heaven, filled with meaningful conversation, good food, modest spirits and gentle persuasion. I was fortunate to reconnect with a few friends I typically see on a regular basis, but... Continue Reading

Miss Mary And Friends

These days it appears time is passing by more quickly than I would like. As a child, I remember a group of older ladies (all over the age of 70) who would get together a few times each week to sit outside and... Continue Reading

City Of The Silent

Underground in permanent stasis they speak no more. Many have departed this life, leaving behind a legacy for all to enjoy, cherish, honor and, with a little luck and ingenuity, replicate. For me, this quiet region of slumber... Continue Reading

Many Thoughts... One Wish

Yesterday I was ripe for a long walk, four hours to be exact. My travels took me through many Baltimore neighborhoods: Roland Park, Remington, Hampden, Reservoir Hill, Bolton Hill, Charles Village, and... Continue Reading

Use It Or Lose It

I am sitting here cleaning out files on my computer. I am not one to save things. My motto is "you use it or lose it." It's a simple, forward strategy that has always worked well for me because it affords my life structure... Continue Reading

Come Play With Me

You can't beat the thrill of game night, especially when it takes place at home, with friends and the games aren't electronic. Your hands are in constant motion, rolling the dice, pitching a card and grabbing a token... Continue Reading


I walk Baltimore City often, sometimes an estimated 80 miles per week. It's no big deal for me to walk from my home (near Johns Hopkins University - Homewood) to Canton or even Dundalk and back. I walk through... Continue Reading

Collect Moments

Life is what you make it. However, I believe everyone has a purpose, and finding it is the key to happiness. I believe there are many who are finding their true calling without any hesitation. Other have a more... Continue Reading

My Holiday Celebration

As I say goodbye to 2016, I enthusiastically welcome 2017, excited by what's to come because anything is possible if you believe. One must be hopeful and I am never ever without hope. It's 2017! Can you believe it... Continue Reading

Beautiful Bees

Flowers bring color and warmth into this world and we all would be hard-pressed to find something else that can enliven our spirit and soothe our soul. We must always take time out of our busy day to stop and smell... Continue Reading


It really was a night of treasures on Saturday, drinking a little of my favorite champagne (Moet & Chandon) before heading out the door, taking a leisurely walk to Mount Vernon, but not before stopping by Sweet Sin for a... Continue Reading

Thursday Drive

Many will take that long drive into the country to explore autumn's colorful foliage. Look no further than your own backyard. Allow the changing colors to be your metaphor for a new and improved you... Continue Reading

My Lady's Manor Steeplechase Races

A special thank you for our hosts who truly made this day extra special. Thank you for a wonderful memory. Until next year... Continue Reading

August: Off To A Good Start

August has never looked or felt better. As I walked into my living room yesterday morning I saw the curtains catching the breeze from outside. I was immediately drawn to the window, curious about the... Continue Reading

Loch Raven Reservoir

One of my preferred pastimes is walking. I enjoy being outdoors in the open air, thriving in nature. It gets better when my eyes seek and find picturesque landscapes, like the ones at Loch Raven Reservoir... Continue Reading

Optical Gardens

I am excited by the new public art in my neighborhood, entitled 'Optical Gardens'. I absolutely love it! I have a great appreciation for interactive art, especially of this magnitude. It's located on Charles Street, directly... Continue Reading

My New York Weekend

This past weekend I had tickets to the opera (Die Fledermaus and Tosca) and was going to see a play (The Commons of Pensacola), but had a change of heart once I got to New York. The weather was beautiful, so there... Continue Reading

Welcoming Eve

Just one more day, and it will be Christmas. These days, Christmas Eve gets just as much attention as Christmas Day. Why is that? It might be because it's the one last chance we have to make sure every detail... Continue Reading

Show Some Love

I look at the month of December as one long festival, a deserved liberty to celebrate our past year's achievements, as well as our challenges, because they no doubt made us stronger, while growing our... Continue Reading

Bonsai Workshop

The photos below are from an evening Bonsai Workshop hosted at the Howard Peters Rawlings Conservatory & Botanic Gardens. It's one of the many fun activities held on Wednesdays during the Farmers' Market... Continue Reading

A Happy Life Begins At Home

My home is very important to me. My life between these four walls of privacy I value like no other. It’s immeasurable, and absolutely priceless. It’s an oasis with a cocoon-like feeling, shielding... Continue Reading

Tough Love For Slackers

Welcome to Slackerville. Population: Too many to count. Why aren't we working harder? I see this as an epidemic of outrageous proportion. This is not a recent phenomenon. I've noticed this insidious erosion in the... Continue Reading


It was a walk of randomness, my mind free and clear of life's clutter and debris, which left me time to contemplate a friend's deceit. You gave me much to think about. I thought about you, then me and finally... Continue Reading

Philly Style

We'll always have the "Moderation Inn". This was definitely a weekend of memories. Thank you, friends!... Continue Reading

Cocktails At The Conservatory

It was a lovely evening. Thank you for inviting me, Nancy. I appreciate our friendship... Continue Reading

I Will Miss You

Words that are sufficiently crafted can leave a lasting impact on the world. It is good to keep in mind those words that will better help tell our story, ones that will represent us well for years to come... Continue Reading

It’s hard to believe I’ve been blogging for more than 12 years. This art form has allowed me to showcase and express my creativity. It has bolstered my confidence (not that is was lacking). At times it has been therapeutic, but more than anything it has given me a much deeper view of the world and how I see myself in it.

I use my insights as a barometer for self-change, which helps me reconcile the past, adapt to the present and navigate carefully into the future. I have enjoyed the roller coaster ride of thought as my hands write it and my eyes see it. As always, I hope you can relate to my stories, appreciate my views, savor the wisdom, reflect on the concepts and, more than anything, respect my friendly and genuine interest in connecting with others.

Find you own voice. Think about writing your own blog. Learn your style, share your views and open a whole new world of possibilities for you and your readers-to-be.. – paerki

Home Sweet Home

Harpers Ferry (Fall 2013): Friendship: good for the body, nurturing to the soul, and healing for the mind and spirit. Friends tend to make us happier and healthier. To someone special, thank you for being my... Continue Reading


Must Love Animals: I meant to post these photos on National Pet Day. I love animals! I can't imagine a world without them. I've long held the belief that you are either born an animal lover, or not. Animals... Continue Reading

Afternoon Drive

Merrick Historic Entrance (BMA): I was invited to the Baltimore Museum of Art 100th Anniversary Gala and the Members See It First, American Grand Reopening event, but was unable to attend. So I... Continue Reading

Pandemic Work Life

Roland Park Footpaths: These quaint pathways truly are a modest gift. A necessity in the past, now they are a retreat from the world, particularly if you are looking to relax, unwind and reduce your stress. Don’t be afraid to... Continue Reading

A Favorite Sculpture

Live And Let Live: Religion, an organizing narrative that many use to create meaning in their lives. We all want to belong, to feel connected to something greater than ourselves, and religion helps to fill a void... Continue Reading

Walking The High Line in NYC

Muralist (High Line In New York): New York City has some amazing street art, especially on the High Line. There are vibrant murals that really command your attention. This is one of my favorites. You don't need... Continue Reading

Downtown Frederick

Change: Life with it's many twists and turns, ups and downs, highs and lows, and good and bad times can be more than challenging. I know this all too well. I speak from wisdom whey I say, "Learn from the... Continue Reading

Graffiti Alley

What Do I Know About Love: I know love doesn't hurt. It can be unconditional if the person is not an absolute complete moron. It's honest and pure when the person is not busy loving someone else. It can be amazing... Continue Reading

Water Lilly

An Afternoon Walk (JHU - Homewood Campus): It's important for me to be with people who can be present in the moment, focusing on the tasks at hand, living for that second, while appreciating the opportunity... Continue Reading


I Pray For You: I enjoy reading the words of others because they speak to how connected we are, and why we must look out for one another as much as possible. A simple word, phrase, quote or story left behind on a wall... Continue Reading

Mural In Little Italy

Sunflowers (White Hall): Sunflowers, remarkable in every way. They are strong resilient, fresh, bright, and cheerful. My words and photos don't do these angelic flowers justice. This is one of those times when you had... Continue Reading

Mural In Mount Vernon - Baltimore

A Little Patch Of Green: I always appreciate finding something new in my city. I love this fabulous green space in downtown Baltimore. It's small, but very quaint. It really is a little oasis away from the world. I love the... Continue Reading

Farm Life

A Few Reposts: Some thoughts are worth reposting. These are for you! I hope you get the message. A happy week, to all. Don't be afraid to share your wisdom... Continue Reading

Wanting To Be Heard

Picturesque Wyman Park: Wednesday, a beautiful day in Baltimore! Spring has truly sprung in a very green, picturesque Wyman Park... Continue Reading


Photo Contest: The following are my submissions for the 10th Annual Photo Contest, sponsored by the Smithsonian. These simple photographs were taken with a point and shoot camera or a cell phone, nothing... Continue Reading

Day 3

Thank you, Michael, for inviting me to participate in Day 3 of your Hanukkah celebration. The festival of lights is truly special. For me it represents family, friends, love, peace and goodwill. I've always considered you... Continue Reading

One More Opinion (And It Won’t Be My Last)

Take a look at the following video - A religious politician gets called out by a prominent scientist. What do you think? As for me, I have many thoughts, and one strong viewpoint, and as always, I'm willing to share it with... Continue Reading

The Terrace Garden That Could

It was a mitzvah of love between friends, setting out to create a little oasis in the city to relax in during late spring, and summer and early fall. What we achieved is vibrant, inspiring, and meditative. This modest, elegant little... Continue Reading

Thank You

It’s hard to believe another Thanksgiving is just around the corner. In the background while standing waiting for a bus (as well as on the bus), and at the grocery store, I hear peoples’ musings about how they will spend... Continue Reading


The Holi Festival at Johns Hopkins University was a little late this year, rescheduled due to last week's heavy rain. I wasn't sure I would be able to attend, but I made it and, as always, it was a joyful celebration... Continue Reading

God Worthy

The following is a response to NPR's Morning Edition conversation about the religiously unaffiliated or 'nones', and an article posted on Facebook, Losing Our Religion: The Growth of the 'Nones'. What really... Continue Reading

Silence Is Golden

There are times when silence is best, sitting amongst the ruins of past thought to ponder the real meaning of it all. It can be comforting, releasing its own unique energy, but we must turn our thoughts and... Continue Reading

Be Civil

Civility consists of respect for others, consideration, maturity, self-control, tolerance, selflessness, etiquette, tact, equality, morality, honesty, awareness, friendship, moderation, listening, compassion, being agreeable... Continue Reading

It's Her Choice

Until every child in this world has a home where they are loved, wanted, respected and fed, we have no right to dictate a woman's choice, but even then, we have no right to tell women what they can and cannot do with... Continue Reading

Thank You For So Much Beauty

Do you realize how much beauty you bring to the world? Do you know how awesome you are? Really?! Do you?! I am in awe of your work. I love your use of rich and vibrant colors, some even electric. The faces are... Continue Reading

They're Back! (Herons)

The herons are back in town. Actually, I'm not sure they ever left. They are known for migrating. Some have become year-round residents, especially when winters are mild, like this year... Continue Reading

What A Dollar Can Buy

I've been patiently waiting for cold weather to arrive, and received a preview a few days ago. I took to the Stony Run Trail with a friend, trying to get him to be more active in the new year. Thus far... Continue Reading

You Are Beautiful

I see your face, and it's beautiful. Each tells a unique story. There is the remote possibility of similarity, but after careful observation of expression it's easy to discern that no two are alike. Factor in lines, blemishes... Continue Reading

Life Goes On

Wednesday's A Joyful Noise concert at Emmanuel Episcopal Church had a somber tone, and rightfully so. The repertoire was carefully planned to honor the 12th anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks and... Continue Reading

Welcoming A New Season

I am welcoming fall with open arms. I am ready for change... So ready! Fall is the restart button, allowing everyone to let go of his/her negativity, setting new goals for a new season, and it's easy to do when we open our... Continue Reading

Tis The Season To Be Jolly

On Tuesday, I did a bit of tree trimming with a friend, and the final product, nothing short of perfection. What a team, and what a fun evening! Thank you. On Wednesday, another "Joyful Noise" was to be heard from... Continue Reading

Skin Deep

It's official! ReNew Botanicals had its grand opening on Friday, September 6, 2013. What a lovely event, truly. My friend, Master Esthetician Shelley Birnbaum is a trailblazer when it comes to organic skin care... Continue Reading

Red Tulips

One of the many things I look forward to in spring are the tulips. They are beautiful regal, having a sort of dignified formality. They're a confident flower, withstanding the harsh elements with ease, or so it... Continue Reading

Let Go

Moving forward, it pays to look back, retracing steps to see where we are on our path in life. If you are a list person like me, it's important to review goals, as well as the extreme high and low points of the journey, making... Continue Reading

Consider This Bench

Last week I was out walking with a friend. We did our typical stroll, down our favorite streets, into our favorite neighborhoods. As we always do, we spend time chatting about current events, politics, his work... Continue Reading

Sunflowers (Jarrettsville)

The sunflowers in Jarrettsville, Maryland are in bloom. I spent my early morning hours walking through fields of sunflowers. What can I say? I love sunflowers! They are by far my favorite flower... Continue Reading

There's An Artist In All Of Us

My recent trips to the Baltimore Museum of Art this past month for the Cezanne exhibit inspired me to pull out and reconnect with a collection of black ink drawings (numbering over thousand) that I acquired from... Continue Reading

I Beg To Differ

I have come a long way in my journey with Celiac Disease. From a misdiagnosis in October of 2007, to spending two years in the trenches (more like hell) trying to figure out why my body was betraying me, and then finally... Continue Reading

Counting Down The Days

There are many reasons to be excited, especially when there's a season change. There's no denying autumn is my favorite, with winter not too far behind. This new season is the change I've been waiting for and needed for... Continue Reading

World Animal Day (2013)

Today is World Animal Day. Keep loving animals and spread the word of hope, so that we may protect all from evil predators. Clairol, Noxell and many other companies continue to use animals for testing... Continue Reading

A First

Something I've always wanted to do, but never really got the chance, was to visit the Westminster Hall and Burying Ground where Edgar Allan Poe is interred. I've passed by the cemetery more times than I can count, but... Continue Reading

Better Living Through Love

Death is inevitable. The moment we are born we begin to die. It's imperative we live life to the fullest, and the way to do this is with a genuine heart, a strong mind and a will to survive. We spend so much time... Continue Reading

Another Soapbox Moment

There is so much I want to say on this topic, especially as it relates to population control, and although this is my blog and I should be able to write freely, I know there are some of you who will take my opinions too... Continue Reading

Snowy Day (NCR Trail)

It's only December and we've had our third snow fall already. Can you believe it?! The accumulations have been minimal, but I'm hopeful they'll increase, and of course my fingers are crossed for a blizzard... Continue Reading

My Fire Escape Garden

One of the pleasures of gardening is feasting your eyes on brilliantly colored flowers. My garden is not a traditional one with flower beds, tall trees and bushes, but a picturesque city garden that includes hanging baskets... Continue Reading

Old Baltimore (Crown, Cork & Seal)

There are many reasons why I like roaming cities, especially Baltimore City. I find people-watching to be habit-forming because there is much to learn about one's self by observing others... Continue Reading


Memorial Day weekend, I enjoyed our road trip to Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. The highlight was visiting the State Capitol. What beautiful buildings and sculptures! Here's to more road trips throughout the summer... Continue Reading

Star-Spangled Spectacular

Good Morning! Have a beautiful day. Incorporate a walk into your daily routine. The photos in this post are from yesterday's firework display at the Star-Spangled Spectacular, a festival celebrating the... Continue Reading

National Park Week

For those who don't know, National Park Week begins tomorrow (April 19th - 27th). I recently read, there are 401 national parks, and they include seashores, battlefields, historic homes and archaeological... Continue Reading

Youth Art Month Exhibition

An art education is so vital - at all levels, especially in the public school system. They improve academic achievement, enhancing test scores, attitudes, social skills, critical and creative thinking. They cut across racial, cultural, social... Continue Reading


Animals help us appreciate the world just a bit more, and when everything is going wrong in it, they show us what is right. My photos speak to the randomness of a mood and the inspiration that was all... Continue Reading

Don't Be A Bully

No debate here! Believe as you will, but don't be a bully. We want to attack atheists, calling them devil worshippers, but that's simply not true. We attack Christians when they demand we worship their... Continue Reading

The Celebration Continues

Work hard to play hard, but don't forget, all work and no play is not good for your spirit, or your soul. Find balance to accomplish your goals, and always think moderation to achieve positive outcomes... Continue Reading

Allow Your Heart To Speak

I listened to my heart, and allowed it to guide me. I shared my feelings, following my intuition, and I have no regrets. I hope you have the courage to go where your heart leads you. On a more personal note cold, coy... Continue Reading

Flower (Shine)

I think it's important to admit vulnerable moments because they bring us closer to the change needed, which is instrumental in getting us to the place where we are meant to be. Here's to taking nothing for... Continue Reading

Goodbye, July!

Well, another birthday has come and gone. This year's celebration was modest, but still memorable and full of vigor. I feel myself fortunate to have the love of many who passionately go out of their way... Continue Reading


Late to bed, early to rise doesn't make for a happy run. What a challenge it was this morning. With each mile it got worse, and I gave up after four. There are times when you have to know when to throw in the towel... Continue Reading

4 - Give - Ness

As I get older, I often wonder what is the best prescription for forgiveness. Common sense tells us that letting go of hurt, helplessness and anger will increase our confidence, hope and happiness. The most... Continue Reading

A Weekend Adventure

I often make it up as I go along. My random adventures are never boring, often lead to exploring and are memorable in every way. Another weekend has come and gone, disappearing ever so quickly... Continue Reading


My talking points, better known as Paulisms, are tried and tested. I've always got something to say, and I share with good intentions. I recently read... "Your life is your message to the world. Make sure it's... Continue Reading


Almost everyone has experienced nostalgia, a wistful memory of childhood or a strong feeling of homesickness. For many it brings on a sense of euphoria, especially when a significant, pleasant memory is... Continue Reading
"I distrust those people who know so well what God wants them to do because I notice it always coincides with their own desires." - Susan B. Anthony

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