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Kirk Cameron

When I listen to Kirk Cameron, I hear my parents and various other family members speaking. These are the messages I heard throughout my childhood and young adult life. I have many happy moments from those years, but everything came at a cost. My self-esteem and confidence plummeted, and unless you really knew me you probably couldn’t tell (I was that good at hiding my unhappiness, my pain). However, deep down inside I was suffering miserably, and there were times when suicide seemed like the only real solution.

I mention this because I am so fortunate to have made it through this level of severe toxic brainwashing (I really did have my moments, and there were some close calls). This is so personal to my heart and soul, but I don’t mind sharing it here because I want everyone to know, especially young people – It does get better!

Kirk Cameron’s rhetoric is dangerous – lethal, and it makes me think of all the children like me, growing up in a Fundamentalist household with conditional love. It’s horrible not knowing the difference between fact and fiction. Having no one to talk to, especially when those hormones kick in and your sexual interest is not that of your male peers.

It’s during those darkest hours when you have to be even more determined and focused, and with all the energy you can muster, you have to believe in a new day, that there is goodness in humanity, and that everyone is not as hateful as your parents, siblings and other relatives, and self-styled friends. More than anything, you must believe in yourself. We all matter, and don’t allow anyone to tell you differently.

There will come a time when we’ll realize we should have been more caring and understanding – more loving and gentle. I hope that happens before it’s too late. We must be better listeners, especially with things we don’t understand (listen… learn… grow).

At some point, we’ll all regret our judgments. With every breath, our mission must always be to raise the spirits of our fellow travelers on this journey we call life. If you really want to live right, our time would be better spent being more mindful – providing comfort, while showing compassion to EVERYONE we meet.

Ask yourself, "Am I a good human being?"  No two answers will be the same. I guarantee, if you are judging and manipulating others, you’re not a good human being. You my friend are part of the problem.

Here are several awesome replies to Kirk’s message of hate. Enjoy! – paerki

(Reference: Kirk Cameron Ministers To Gay People In 'Deeper Understanding' Montage Video)

"Arguing with these troglodytes is a waste of time. It's like playing chess with a pigeon. They'll strut all over the chessboard knocking pieces over, shitting on everything, and then fly away to tell all their friends they won."

"I've got a better idea, Kirky! Live your own life according to what you think your God wants you to do, and leave the rest of us alone. Don't worry, we'll return the favor."

"The best way to minister to gays is to accept them as humans, and demonstrate compassion, without being judgmental. You know, be Christ-like. It seriously bothers me that there are so many people who claim my faith as theirs, but have so little understanding of the teachings we've all read (the teachings of Jesus himself). Here is what Jesus said about homosexuality… NOT ONE WORD!"

"Mr. Cameron has no right to minister to anyone in the LGBT community. He long ago forfeited that right when he repeatedly made statements about us that he knew were false and defamatory. Since he continues to spread misinformation about us and insists on portraying us dishonestly at every opportunity, the best and most honorable thing Mr. Cameron can do is to stop discussing our lives. He has shown a complete lack of interest in learning about us, treating us fairly or making truthful, accurate statements about us -- yet, he claims that all this interest has some religious purpose. Perhaps he should devote some time to explaining his view of Christianity to his various audiences. For most people, religion requires that those who use its name and reputation take special care to tell the truth and be fair. Religion must not be used as a basis for denying rights under our civil laws to hardworking, tax-paying American citizens simply because of who they are. Kirk Cameron has no right or authority to judge, convict or determine a penalty for others he dislikes. Most people -- Christians and non-Christians -- believe in one of the central and basic requirements of Christianity: That everyone should treat others, as they would want to be treated. Mr. Cameron apparently considers himself exempt from that requirement. Given that, he should find others to bother and leave us alone for a very long while."

"Christian proselytizers actually talk at people, not with them. Then when the sales pitch does not work, they resort to the hellfire threats."

"I lost count years ago of the number of anti-gay Christians who turned out to be nothing more than closeted, self-loathing homosexuals."

"In truth, Kirk Cameron is no enemy of the gays. Like The Phelps family before him, I think he serves to point out the ridiculousness of Fundamentalism. Despite the ravings of fanatics like this, the situation for gays has greatly advanced in the last decade or two, proving this kind of diatribe is not only ineffective, but also counterproductive. Conversely, churches are in trouble with attendance down, and more churches are closing their doors. Why? Because goodhearted Christians look at lunatics like this, and no longer want to be associated with his brand of thinly disguised hatred. His rhetoric has a more destructive effect on religion than it has on the gay community. Ironically, his hate speech is making many Christians reflect on this issue, and they are coming in on the side of love and acceptance, and not hate."

"I find Kirk Cameron oddly fascinating as a study in the rare combination of arrogance, self-righteousness, ignorance, fame, capitalism, and charisma. There aren’t many like him. Ray Comfort is a nobody who happens to ride Kirk's fame train. But Kirk is just so sure of himself in every dumb thing he says. I constantly have to say to myself, ‘Wow, this guy and millions of others, actually believe this garbage!’ I love seeing those confident head tilts as if he's being intellectual – the chin held high and that smile that says, ‘I know the truth!’ Yes, it's also very frightening."

"Kirk Cameron would make a lobotomized hamster feel intellectually superior."

"That's the bad thing about religion… The more you beLIEve the less you check facts."

What would life be like without memories? It’s fair to say, there would be no life at all. Memory is our communication, reason, coherence, our action and more importantly, our feeling. Memories create our path in life, developing our psychology and leading us emotionally.

One of the best ways to create and store memories is with video. These simple effortless little snippets of time create diaries and become perpetual time capsules, which justify our walk on earth, telling all with great enthusiasm… I was here! I mattered! I lived! Please, don’t forget me.

Share your views, thoughts and opinions in the written word. Snap photographs so that your eyes can travel back in time, remembering the happy and sad moments that made you the person you were, are and became in life. But, whenever possible, capture video to enhance the memories you leave behind, so that others may pass the essence of your life on to future generations.


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I love photographs! They have this amazing ability to tell stories of fun places, special moments, memorable events, and exciting places. They give us reason to pause and remember friends, family, coworkers and so many others. One photograph can conjure up a flood of memories taking us on a journey. They help us remember the past, enjoy the present and ponder the future.

On a cold and rainy day I love sitting in my living room with a roaring fire, a glass of wine, classical music playing in the background and my many photographs scattered about me. I love sifting through what I call my special collection, which refers to my favorites. They remind me of the saddest and happiest moments of my life. They remind me of challenges and overcoming.

My large collection of images are a testament to a life lived. Life happens all around us so it’s important to collect special memories, and what better way than with a photograph.

Edith Ann

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There are many people in the world affected by disease. I never thought I would be one of the many. However, at any given time life can change. Mine did! There were many twists and turns, but I made it through and you can too. I am a Celiac on the move living life one meal at a time. Learn more about my life as a Celiac. Celiac Disease is a lifelong, digestive disorder affecting children and adults. In short, I have an allergy to gluten, and the treatment is a lifelong scrupulous avoidance of it.

No matter what, know this: You are never alone. There are people out there who’ve struggled, endured, made it through and are sharing their message of survival. No, they might not be at your side, but their spirit is out there in words, attempting to help others on their journey. Let’s all unite by sharing our individual stories, remedies for healthy living, food and recipes to keep us strong, and let’s find the laughter too because it can be some of the best medicine. Always remember, there is power in numbers. Check me out: A Celiac On The Move

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"I distrust those people who know so well what God wants them to do because I notice it always coincides with their own desires." - Susan B. Anthony

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