Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Firefly Delight

Fireflies (also known as lightening bugs or glowworms) are beautiful insects to watch because of their luminescent glow. I was walking through Stony Run Trail in Roland Park last week and saw the most amazing collection of fireflies. There is a beautiful section along Linkwood Road that appears to attract large numbers of these amazing insects.

Watching them rise and fall from the ground with their stunning electric dance is mindblowing and at the same time soothing and relaxing. I actually sat on the ground and watched them perform for 30 minutes. I felt this strange calmness and peace I’ve never felt before. I’ve made additional trips to the field daily to see this wondrous, beautifully orchestrated, natural nature dance. I can’t get enough. It’s a positive treat for my mind, body and soul, and my eyes too.

This year, fireflies appear to have increased in their numbers, which has me seeing them more than I ever have before. I see them randomly throughout my neighborhood, and a few of them have made their way into my home. I’m careful to return them to the outdoors to nature’s playground. As I write this, I am noticing that there are fireflies dancing outside my living room window.

Make a trip to the Stony Run Trail to enjoy the fireflies. They are waiting for you. The best time to see them is at dusk. They appear more visible.

Firefly Facts

A firefly is not a fly. Rather, it is a beetle that belongs to Lampyridae family. They produce a cold light in their bodies, devoid of heat as well as any ultraviolet or infrared rays. The light that emerges from the body of a firefly has a wavelength ranging from 510 to 670 nanometers and is pale reddish, yellowish or green in color. Fireflies do not bite and are without pincers. A firefly spends most of its lifespan as a larva. In the
adult form, it survives for a very short span. Female fireflies lay their eggs in the soil and even the latter are reported to glow in the dark. After hatching, the larvae spend the summer eating tiny insects, larvae, and even slugs and snails. After a firefly larva reaches adult stage, it usually stops feeding and survives on the nutrients built during the larva stage. Even when it does eat, it is mainly nectar or dew, for moisture. The main aim of an adult firefly is to find a mate and lay eggs before dying. Both male and female fireflies glow. However, their rhythmic flashing patterns depend upon the sex and the species. Different species have a different communication system, based on the lighting patterns. Fireflies produce light for three reasons - attracting mates, warning predators and telling other fireflies of danger.

Catch A Firefly

Catching fireflies are a highlight for many children and will become a fond memory for many years to come. I know because it was for me. Create a special memory with your children, or get in touch with the child inside of you and catch a firefly.

To catch your firefly, get a jar and punch holes in the top using a small nail and hammer. This is so the fireflies have enough air and won't die a quick death, but make sure the holes aren't big enough for the fireflies to escape. You can also use plastic wrap with small holes punched in it, if you can't find a good lid. Put a few leaves into the bottom of the jar for cushioning. Find a good hunting spot from May through August. These lightning bugs are more prevalent in meadows, lawns at the edge of forests, or at streams. They are also more prevalent and may be easier to catch about one hour after the sun goes down. Catch them either with your hands or with the jar. Fireflies move fairly slowly, so they are very easy to catch, though you have to be careful not to crush them. Fireflies don't have teeth and are non-toxic, so you don't have to worry about getting hurt by touching one. Most importantly, release the lightning bugs (an hour or two after observing them) so they don't die within your jar. Doing so tells Mother Nature you care about her creatures.

Don’t forget to check out the Stony Run Trail for a memorable firefly experience. Enjoy! - paerki

(Select the following link to see my firefly video: Fireflies and Floppy)

What would life be like without memories? It’s fair to say, there would be no life at all. Memory is our communication, reason, coherence, our action and more importantly, our feeling. Memories create our path in life, developing our psychology and leading us emotionally.

One of the best ways to create and store memories is with video. These simple effortless little snippets of time create diaries and become perpetual time capsules, which justify our walk on earth, telling all with great enthusiasm… I was here! I mattered! I lived! Please, don’t forget me.

Share your views, thoughts and opinions in the written word. Snap photographs so that your eyes can travel back in time, remembering the happy and sad moments that made you the person you were, are and became in life. But, whenever possible, capture video to enhance the memories you leave behind, so that others may pass the essence of your life on to future generations.


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I love photographs! They have this amazing ability to tell stories of fun places, special moments, memorable events, and exciting places. They give us reason to pause and remember friends, family, coworkers and so many others. One photograph can conjure up a flood of memories taking us on a journey. They help us remember the past, enjoy the present and ponder the future.

On a cold and rainy day I love sitting in my living room with a roaring fire, a glass of wine, classical music playing in the background and my many photographs scattered about me. I love sifting through what I call my special collection, which refers to my favorites. They remind me of the saddest and happiest moments of my life. They remind me of challenges and overcoming.

My large collection of images are a testament to a life lived. Life happens all around us so it’s important to collect special memories, and what better way than with a photograph.

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There are many people in the world affected by disease. I never thought I would be one of the many. However, at any given time life can change. Mine did! There were many twists and turns, but I made it through and you can too. I am a Celiac on the move living life one meal at a time. Learn more about my life as a Celiac. Celiac Disease is a lifelong, digestive disorder affecting children and adults. In short, I have an allergy to gluten, and the treatment is a lifelong scrupulous avoidance of it.

No matter what, know this: You are never alone. There are people out there who’ve struggled, endured, made it through and are sharing their message of survival. No, they might not be at your side, but their spirit is out there in words, attempting to help others on their journey. Let’s all unite by sharing our individual stories, remedies for healthy living, food and recipes to keep us strong, and let’s find the laughter too because it can be some of the best medicine. Always remember, there is power in numbers. Check me out: A Celiac On The Move

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"I distrust those people who know so well what God wants them to do because I notice it always coincides with their own desires." - Susan B. Anthony

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